Improv for Humanity

Using the power of applied improvisation to transform lives and make the world a better place.

Improvisation is a powerful tool to help bring about positive, pro-social, scalable, sustainable, and lasting change.


While inevitable, not all change is positive, welcome or good. We strive to bring about positive change whenever and wherever possible.


We build relationships  and support actions to promote behavior which helps humanity AND reminds us that we all share this planet and its resources.


Whether short-term fixes or long-term visions, we seek community supported, maintainable solutions that are good for the planet and its people.


Change comes in many forms and sizes, and effective change agents (be it people or methods) should grow and evolve to accomplish great work.

About Us.

Improv for Humanity was established in 2014 at the Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Austin, Texas by a small group of people interested in creating a forum for to discuss how improvisation is being applied to address the vast array of challenges facing us---from refugee crises and climate change, to disaster preparedness and working with vulnerable populations. From that small group of people, we have grown to over 600 members, from over 27 countries.

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